Why do you need a website?

If you have been trading without a website, you might be wondering why you need one, now.

What’s the point if your business is already successful without one?

The short answer is that a website offers a wide variety of benefits for small businesses.

Here are ten of the biggest benefits your small business can receive just from a simple website.

1. A website makes you look professional

Besides that, having your own website provides you with an email address (@ your own domain) far more professional looking than @gmail.com or @yahoo.com

2. Your website can attract new customers

You may be happy with the current size of your business, but every company experiences customer turnover.

To encourage continued success, you need to attract new customers, and one of the best ways to do it is by making yourself visible online.

3. Showcase your products and services

Show potential customers what you have to offer by displaying images of your products and services on your website.

You can also use images of your physical location. This is especially useful if you want your customers to view your hotel, restaurant or showroom.

You can publish information about your products and services on your website to make so your customers are able to make an informed choice.

4. Display your best reviews and testimonials

Display your best reviews and/or testimonials prominently on your website is a great way to boost your credibility with your readers and/or potential customers.

If you can also feature articles from newspapers and other publications that your business has appeared in ,

5. A website can encourage customers to contact you

A website is a great place to make your contact information easily available to potential customers.

Simply display your address, phone number and email or even have a preformatted contact form that your site visitors can easily fill and submit at the touch of a button.

6. You can integrate yourwebsite with Google Maps so people can find you more easily

An embedded map makes it easy for people who are not local to your area, to find your business.

You can attract people who wouldn’t otherwise visit the area where your business is located.

7. Your website establishes your place in the industry

Maybe some of your competitors aren’t online yet, but they will be soon. Give yourself an advantage by getting your business online first.

If your competitors are already online, show potential customers how your company stands out from the rest.

8. A website is no longer intimidating to create and manage

Modern website builders like Wix make it easy for you to build your own site without any coding experience.

But why spend all that time and energy when for a small one off payment, you can have a Budget site built to your own specifications

9. A website ensures your success over the long term

Nowadays over half the world’s population has access to the Internet.

As more and more people are going online to find all manner of products and services, to stay competitive in the digital world, your business needs to get online.

<10. You can get all of these benefits without spending a fortune

Getting online isn’t just easier than it used to be; it’s also more affordable. You can have a Budget website for as little as £289.

This low-cost service includes a domain name and hosting for the first year. You can be up and running at a very low cost.

So, do I need a website for my business? The final verdict

So can you afford not to have a website in the digital era? If you want to continue thriving a website is one of the best investments you can make